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How Laser Cutting Can Apply to Your business.

  • CIean edges on high temperature and corrosion-resisting alloys like Hast-X, Inconel , Monel ,Waspalloy, etc.

  • Unique nesting capabilities reduce material costs – cut  smaller parts inside  the cutouts of  larger parts.

  • Pre-production, prototype and short runs. Any shape. Accuracy, repeatability. No minimum  quantities.

  • Thickness capacity to 1/2″ steel and Stainless, Hastelloy, Inconel Monet, Waspalloy, other exotics.

  • Cut thousands of holes in a  sheet metal part without the warping and “oil-canning” of  mechanical force methods.

  • Reduce secondary operations (deburring, machining)

  • Eliminate long lead times for special tooling.

  • Develop and test flat patterns for proof of design before building expensive dies.

  • Cut shapes that are difficult with mechanical means – long arcs, free-forms, etc.

  • Choose laser cutting when materials are too thick or too hard to punch.

  • Non-contact machining of plastics and other non-metals.

  • Trimming and adding cutouts to formed and deep drawn parts

  • Sign Lettering of all sizes and fonts.

  • Work directly from your .DXF and .IGS files.

  • Rapid turnaround and on-time deliveries.

  • Creative staff, with twenty years of laser cutting experience, providing fast and economical solutions.

  • Quality that is reliable and consistent.

  • Competitive pricing.

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